Leaders Don’t Cry:

In this world, there are two distinct categories of individuals: those who choose to follow and those who aspire to lead, often referred to as leaders. It’s a universal desire to hold the mantle of leadership, but the path to becoming a leader is not paved with superficial titles; rather,…

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Delving Deep into Self:

 Understanding the essence of one’s own self is a vital journey that holds the key to a fulfilling and harmonious life. In his insightful book “Barking up the Wrong Tree,” author Eric Barker underscores the significance of embracing our true nature and personalities. He aptly points out, “if you bring…

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An Idea ‘The navigator’

  In our journey through life, we encounter numerous ideas that pass through the labyrinth of our minds. These ideas, the products of subconscious calculations, are born from the raw information we consume through our senses – the things we see, hear, and read. Ideas have the potential to be…

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